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Long March spirit, Sword Spirit, the scientific spirit is a valuable spiritual wealth bowling Bowes at different stages of development of the refined form, "the three Spirit" has rich connotations.
[Spirit] bowling Bowes Long Long March spirit deeply rooted in the cultural soil of the company's survival among the ideals embodied in the firm belief that science and technology, with confidence, is the formation of bowling Bowes cultural gene and deposition.
Spiritual elements:
Danger, not afraid of hardship fighting spirit;
Scratch, hard Ru into the entrepreneurial spirit;
The courage to fight, conquering spirit of forging ahead;
The overall situation, to sacrifice their dedication;
Tenacious, unyielding sense of mission and responsibility.
[Sword Spirit] bowling Bowes "Sword" spirit manifested brave face competition atmosphere, fast action, is the growth and development of bowling Bowes cultural genes.
Spiritual elements:
The face of difficulties and development, before the failure is not discouraged unconvinced spirit;
Dare to go beyond yourself, dare to challenge the spirit of the future does not stop;
Occupation of the high-tech, open up new areas to achieve a new leap victory spirit.
[Scientific spirit] bowling Bowes spirit is the essence of the scientific connotation: in the vast ocean of competition in the industry, we are unwilling to mediocrity, realistic and rigorous scientific attitude, meticulous scientific action, leading the industry trend, and constantly open up "new route . "
Spiritual elements are:
Persistent spirit of exploration;
Innovation, the spirit of reform, which is the soul of the life sciences, scientific activities;
Truth-seeking spirit, science must correctly reflect the objective reality, seeking truth from facts, to overcome the subjective;
Truth-seeking spirit, determination in the face of strict scientific facts. Scientists courage to maintain the truth and oppose dogmatism, hypocrisy and falsehood;
Strictly accurate analysis of spirit, science does not stay on the qualitative description of levels of uncertainty or accuracy is one of the salient features of science;
Open spirit, science without borders, science and technology is an open system, it does not recognize the ultimate truth.


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