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[Corporate mission] - Gengzhe profit, the health food
    “Gengzhe profit, the health food, is the tireless pursuit of treasure bowling is bowling treasure lifelong beliefs and ideals.
As the founder of the domestic Baolingbao prebiotic, create value and deliver value, build national brand, adhere to bigger, stronger and achieve sustainable development; in their own development and growth, while continuing to promote industrial upgrading, development of related industries, promote recycling of resources. Baolingbao will focus on biotechnology, life sciences research, development, improve the human micro-ecological environment, the protection of the macro environment, revitalization of the national economy.
    Baolingbao believe in the world to enjoy the first and worry about, after the world. Not only to provide the necessary products and services for national health, but also to promote the development and expansion of the health industry, and promote health awareness among citizens and establish, update concepts of health, improve health, and ultimately lead the national concept of health, to achieve the overall national quality.
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